Rolla SP Propellers

Via Roncaglia 6 

6883 Novazzano  - Switzerland



Since 1963 the name Rolla has been synonymous with the highest efficiency, highest quality propellers in the world.

Today this means dedicated propellers up to 3 meters in diameter.

It also means complete hydrodynamic engineering service, unique in the industry, starting with CFD analysis of the hull, including sea keeping, to the most sophisticated CFD designed propellers. 


ROLLA SP PROPELLERS SA was founded in 1983 by Philip Rolla as a corporation based on his previous 20 continuous years of race winning competition propellers, custom made on a small scale (from the start in 1963 for about 10 years these were known as RECORD propellers).

For an unprecedented period of time every major international racing category was won with ROLLA propellers.

Realization of the limitations of such a personalized service made it evident that if this experience and expertise could be used on a larger scale to the service of all high performance craft the overall quality and efficiency of propulsion could only improve and benefit.

This in fact was the result, but with the success of the product also came the organizational and practical problems that growth brought.

To resolve these problems and allow the company to grow in a healthy manner Otello Sattin was identified as the figure capable of the organization and leadership necessary, and this has been proven in the performance of the corporation since his arrival.

From January 1983 to December 2004 the facility was located in Balerna. In January 2005 the company has been moved to Novazzano, Switzerland.

On may 18th, 2004 Rolla SP Propellers SA has been acquired by Twin Disc Inc., so today in every respect, Rolla SP Propellers SA is a part of Twin Disc Marine Group.

This integration of hull analysis and propeller design allows the most efficient solution to any performance and use profile given. This is where no one else is today.