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Rolla SP Propellers

Via Roncaglia 6 

6883 Novazzano  - Switzerland



From the beginning Rolla has always had the philosophy of identifying key, competent people for important

functions and have made them an integral part of its system so that the company could grow in its desire to be the technical leader in its field.

These people can be identified in Luca Libanori as Managing Director, Paolo Vagni as technical office leader, Andrea Gussoni for application and power prediction, Claudio Ghirlanda for the CFD analysis, Alessandro Caso as Sales Manager and Alessandro Bergamaschi for client support and logistics.

The philosophy based on the belief that proper delegation of key technical roles was the only way to turn the company that started with only an expertise in very fast propellers (a world renowned expertise, but limited to that sector) into a world leader technically in the complete field of propeller propulsion which today goes from super silent displacement craft to the world’s fastest boats to the successful design of CP aircraft carrier propellers of the most extreme sophistication and performance specifications, and the Rolla reputation is proof of this.