Dedicated propellers with value added engineering


For Rolla the main product is its uncontested leadership in marine technology.

This technology is an integral part of the product, and neither could exist without the other.

Rolla services could best be described as the performance at time of sea trials which is the result of working with the shipyard through the whole propulsion process which in an ideal situation would also include the CFD analysis of the hull.

For each specific application the propeller has a dedicated design and a dedicated pattern. All the design codes are proprietary and have been developed in house. The propellers can be designed to meet any Classification rules such as Lloyd's Register, ABS, RINa,BV etc.


All Rolla propellers are dynamically balanced and geometrically comply with the "S" Class of ISO 484/2 standards. A full CMM (Computerized Measurement Machine) report for Registry purposes can be supplied for each propeller.


What makes Rolla unique is the combination of technology, software capabilities, experience (which means also an unequalled data base) and capability in determining strategy for any propulsion solution or optimization.

The fact that ROLLA can apply all these factors as an integral service as and part of the in-house manufactured product is an advantage that has been constructed over the years.

The most recent proof of this unique capability is the RAMTA Dvora Mk III where all of the above capabilities were employed, and the craft on its first sea trial met all performance specifications (which were extremely restrictive and demanding) with less than one percent tolerance.

This is a remarkable result considering the hull was a new design with CFD analysis by Rolla and the engines were a new series in their first military application.

Rolla SP Propellers

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